National Teacher Day and Teachers Pay Teachers Sale


Have any of you heard of the site Teachers Pay Teachers? I am in love with the wealth of free and reasonably priced resources for my classroom available on that site. I am so obsessed I even started my own store to share my own worksheets, projects, and lesson ideas. You can check it out here:

Anyway, today is National Teacher Day in the USA! (Thank you to all those teachers out there who work hard to support our students! I know I would not be able to do my job nearly as well without the help of all the other teachers who work with my students.)

In honor of National Teacher Day, many sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers, includingsale_250_120 myself, are throwing a huge sale on our products. Be sure to check out the site and my store today and tomorrow while the sale is still going on. I already have a list of items to download for my students at the discounted price.

If you sell on TpT, feel free to comment with the link to your store. I am always looking for new resources. If you’re looking for DHH resources, be sure to follow me as I often make/upload materials I’ve made for my students with hearing loss, since I know it is hard to find good materials. If you’re looking for something specific that I don’t have available, let me know and I can design something new for you.

Thanks again to all the teachers out there! Never forget that you do make a difference.


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