Helen Keller Toward the Light by Stewart and Polly Anne Graff Book Review

helen keller toward the light

I just finished reading Helen Keller Toward the Light with one of my summer students. She loved it! This is an older book, and I couldn’t find any more recent editions of this biography. Although there are certainly plenty of biographies on Helen Keller out there.

What is unique about this book version is that only 2 brief chapters in the beginning are dedicated to Helen Keller’s childhood. The majority of the book focuses on Helen as an adult. This was a unique perspective for my students who are more familiar with the initial fight between young Helen and new Anne. My student had never known that Helen Keller went to college and traveled the world or that she helped start many schools both for the deaf and for the blind. This book also mentions Laura Bridgman who was really the first known deaf-blind person to be fully educated, not Keller, which shocked my student.

I love this version of the book, because it is specifically written for students who are Deaf. As a result, the sentences were written very simply and the vocabulary was clear. Any difficult words were explained in the story. There is also at least 1 picture in every chapter to visually summarize the main point. It is an excellent high interest-low level read for upper elementary through lower high school students. I give it a full 5 stars! I highly recommend it as an addition to any Deaf literature collection.

What is your favorite Helen Keller biography? Do you discuss Helen Keller or Laura Bridgman in your classroom?