First Post! An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Talking With My Hands! This is a blog about Deaf education, sign language, Cued Speech, and Deaf literature. For me, this blog will allow me to share my experiences as a teacher of the Deaf and a graduate student. I hope it will also enable collaboration with other Deaf educators and allow for communication with professionals and community members. There will be at least 1 video post and one book review per month.

Books will most often be Deaf literature, meaning it is either written (or signed!) by a Deaf author or it has at least 1 Deaf character in the story. There will also be some nonfiction books about issues in education, deafness, language acquisition/development, or communication modalities.

Video posts will be in either Cued Speech or American Sign Language. My goal with these posts will be to get feedback to improve my skills while spreading awareness of these essential communication skills.

I expect to have posts about every other week, so stay tuned in for regular updates.